2023 48th Gensou Exhibition Open Call Regulations

2023 48th
Genso exhibition
Notice of end of listing application

Thank you very much for the many entries to the [48th Genso Exhibition].
The deadline for submitting works was the last day of last month (October 31st).
I am very grateful for all the works that were created.

We are currently preparing for the upcoming Genso Exhibition, which will be held from November 26th (Sunday) to December 2nd (Tuesday).

We are looking forward to seeing your smiling faces at the venue.

Gensokai Chairman Shuji Oba

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Organizer and purpose

Organizer / Gensou Association
Purpose / Development of creative activities as a place for presenting and appreciating art works
We will try to enhance the spiritual culture.



Listing qualification

1.Those over 15 years old

2.Those who can follow the matters stated in the open recruitment regulations.



Work item

1. Category Figure painting (Including animation)

(1 ) Oil on canvas, watercolor, pastel, Acrylic etc.
(2 ) Character art
(3 ) Airbrush art, Other flat works

【Work size】
About 36 inch× 28 inchi over,
About 100 inch× 76 inchi Less than

2. Category GS

Free theme(Other than people are acceptable)

【Work size】
About 21 inch× 18 inchiover,
36 inch× 28 inchiLess than





About 36inch×28inch以上、
About 100inch×76inch以下



About 21inch×18inch以上 、

Listing fee

1.Category Figure Painting
Participation fee US $ 70.00 Up to 3 points.

2.Category GS
Participation fee US $ 40.00 Up to 2 points.

Please pay the shipping fee at your own expense.

参加費 US$70.00 3点まで。

参加費 US$40.00 2点まで。


How to apply and transport works

Please apply from the form below this website.
●Application deadline/2023 September 30

*Please consider the shipping date and time before shipping the work.
We will inform you of the shipping address of the work after reception.

【Participation fee payment method】
We will inform you after the application is completed.




Please note

【Regarding the handling of transportation and exhibition of works】
・We ensure maximum safety.
・We are not responsible for any damage, dirt, or scratches.
(If you are worried about damage, dirt or scratches, please take out your own insurance.)






The examination will be conducted strictly by the external judges set by the Society and the judges of the Society.
I will.

審査は当会が定めた外部審査員と当会の審査員により厳正に行 われます。

Winning, winning announcement

We will contact you as soon as possible after the decision is made.
General exhibitors will be notified of the winning.
However, we will not contact you if you are a member or above.

決定後、できるだけ早い方法でご連絡いたします。 一般出品者には入選の連絡をいたします。 但し、会友以上には入選の連絡はいたしません。


For excellent works,

● Grand Prix
● Governor of Tokyo Award
● Current Creation Award
● Chairman’s Award
● Special
● Newcomer Award
● Encouragement Award
● Effort Award
● Takabayashi Photo Award
● Tobi Award
● Mazda Award
● Art Journal Award
● Ayamido Award
● All Japan Art Newspaper Award




Carrying out works

After the exhibition is over, we will pack it and ship it in sequence.

The cost will be charged separately.(For more information, please contact us by email.)



Exhibition image

We will notify you by e-mail of the URL where you can download the image data of the exhibited works during the exhibition period for free after the exhibition period ends.


Award ceremony

Date / Time / Sunday, November 26, 2023 15: 30~

Venue / Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Present Creation Exhibition 2F <Exhibition 2>



Work standard common to all departments

1. Must be a creative work of the person himself / herself.
2. Limited to those that do not infringe the intellectual property rights of others.
In case of conflict with 3.1 and 2, the prize will be cancelled.
Applicants are solely responsible for any problems in 4.2.
will do.